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Understanding the Future of the Luxury Consumer

I was recently interviewed by The Ritz-Carlton for an internal documentary for their “The Global Luxury Tastemaker Project”—“a series of global conversations in pursuit of uncovering the insights needed to define and preserve the power of luxury today and beyond.” … Continued


Improvements to Infrastructure – Gowanus

One of the first signs of a neighborhood primed for development is the opening of a Whole Foods. Other signs include restaurant openings, retail expansion, commercial development, and tech startup office leasing. When a neighborhood shows all of these signs, … Continued


Industry Interview: Kimberly Williams

Kimberly Williams is an interior designer, outfitter and procurement agent based in New York City who specializes in unique and high-end residential projects, yachts, and aircrafts.   Q: What’s the background story on your company name Lila-Lou? A:  Part of … Continued

Consumers to Gauge Economic Strength

Consumers to Gauge Economic Strength

Special thanks to mortgage expert Robert London, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator – Mortgage Master, for providing the following guest blog entry. More info on Robert London and his company can be found here. Enjoy! As we enter the holiday season, … Continued