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Market Data, Big Data, What Data?

April, 21 2015 was a big day for big data. Streeteasy hosted an event discussing what all the big data means to the agent community. Led by Streeteasy’s Alan Lightfeldt, the panel of industry leading real estate folk left the … Continued

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Improvements to Infrastructure – Hudson Square

Hudson Square is a classic example of a pocket neighborhood within a larger neighborhood. Fortunately for developers, the boundaries are loosely defined, because this area is in the midst of one of the most anticipated transformations in decades. Typically considered … Continued


Fact Check: Curbed 4.1.15

Curbed’s recent article, which covers Manhattan’s 1st Quarter 2015 performance, is a classic example of a sensationalized report written largely to insight market hysteria. It is easy to pick a few statistics and make a generalization about the overall state … Continued