This title may sound counter intuitive to last months blog entry, It’s All Bad. However, I need to round out the theory so you know what to do with the negatives of a property. First, understanding the negative attributes of a property can help you sell the positives. Here are a few tips to always walk out of an appointment as a beacon of professionalism, authenticity, and graciousness.

When a property is priced correctly, the first thing to sell is the value. No matter what is in the four walls, whether it is spectacular or just ok, price is one of most important factors when selling a home.

If there are questions about size, mainly not enough, focus on the attributes of the property that fit the buyer’s needs. That may be the light, finish quality, or layout.

In our vertical world, views can be challenging at times. Focus on the interior space and how they will live within the four walls. We spend very little time actually looking out the window, so have your clients walk to a window, turn around, and focus on what is inside the home.

At times, it has to be less about the apartment and more about what the building has to offer. If price, size, and views are a total mismatch it might come down to the buyer’s desire to be in the building. Ask them what they want from a building, and sell to the corresponding attributes of the building like carrying charges, a garage, staffing, and amenities.

For some buyers, neighborhood is the most important check box. In accordance, focus on the positive aspects of the neighborhood that make it so desirable; location, activities, culture, shopping, parks, and transportation to name a few.

Everything that is on the market will eventually sell. Some apartments take longer than others and require countless appointments with opinionated buyers. While managing the process, don’t be discouraged or lose perspective. Realize every property has an upside and your positive sales approach will help you land that one special buyer quicker than you think.

Go get ’em,