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The Weekend Planner | Montauk

In the most recent edition of The Weekend Planner, a blog series dedicated to helping you plan your weekend from sun up to sun down, we head out east to Montauk. Offering ideas for lodging, meals, activities, and some  popular beaches, The Weekend Planner is … Continued


Construction Status Update – Tribeca

Tribeca is one of the most popular neighborhoods in downtown Manhattan with many luxury residential buildings under construction. Among the many developments in the neighborhood, three projects are particularly noteworthy: 19 Park Place, 30 Park Place, and Woolworth Tower. Although … Continued

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Market Data, Big Data, What Data?

April, 21 2015 was a big day for big data. Streeteasy hosted an event discussing what all the big data means to the agent community. Led by Streeteasy’s Alan Lightfeldt, the panel of industry leading real estate folk left the … Continued


Fact Check: Curbed 4.1.15

Curbed’s recent article, which covers Manhattan’s 1st Quarter 2015 performance, is a classic example of a sensationalized report written largely to insight market hysteria. It is easy to pick a few statistics and make a generalization about the overall state … Continued


Food, Water, and Shelter

We all spend countless hours scouring the Internet in an effort to become real estate experts. This includes buyer, sellers, landlords, and agents alike. As numbers pour in and news articles float by our brains become numb to the reason … Continued


Urbanization: Why We Need Micro-Units

Merrill Lynch interviewed Arif Naqvi, Group Chief Executive of the Abraaj Group, one of the leading private equity firms pioneering growth markets around the world. He discussed the impact urbanization will have on world economics over the next 3-4 decades. … Continued