In the most recent edition of The Weekend Planner, a blog series dedicated to helping you plan your Saturday or Sunday from sun up to sun down, we head upstate to the lovely town of Cold Spring. Offering ideas for every meal of the day, outdoor activities, entertainment, exploration, upcoming new developments, open houses, and where to have your nightcap, The Weekend Planner is a comprehensive roadmap for an exciting weekend.

Cold Spring, located just 56 miles north of Midtown Manhattan, offers an abundance of low-energy to extreme activities for the perfect escape from the city. Whether it’s where to grab lunch, embark upon the Tri-State area’s most rigorous hike, or just stroll through the town’s local shops, the Cold Spring Weekend Planner has it all.

For a complete list of what to do in Cold Spring this weekend, click on the agenda below!

The Weekend Planner - Cold Spring1.001